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Currently, my work explores surfaces in decomposition, specifically rust and decay in all it's variety. I photograph otherwise ignored and discarded steel & iron objects which are all around rural Sonoma County and I then explore these surfaces in their their dynamic, ongoing degeneration. Current prints series is inspired by the service carts at Home Depot that are used to transport building materials from the store to the truck.


An other on going series considers conceptual ideas surrounding borders and boundaries within the world and the objects that define them. I am intrigued by both land markers and delineations such as fences and border crossings within and between countries. Boundaries which are meant to define and segregate, no matter how ‘secure’ are always plastic and leaking. Inclusion and exclusion are also themes I explore within my work.

Mark making and symbols left by others on wall, fences and trees also grab my attention.

My portraits are fleeting glimpses of people I encounter. I take a sketch book with me always and have found subjects in waiting rooms and friends in quiet contemplation.

Monotype is a perfect vehicles for me to explore these themes through the use of line, surface, form and texture by adding, removing and layering the images onto paper. I use organic colors in my work such as dirt, graphite and earth pigments. I employ Xerox transfer, dry point, and chin colle and mixed media.


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