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Holly Jordan

2016 Boundaries, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA, Paul Mahder, juror

2016 Slice, Pence Gallery, Davis, CA, DeWitt Cheng, Juror

2016 Salon at the Triton, Triton Museum, Santa Clara, CA, Charlotte Eyerman, juror

2015 The Print Makers Hand, Port Townsend WA, Sam Davidson, juror

2015 Holly Jordan Recent Prints Graton Gallery, Graton CA

2015 Prints: CA, LA and Beyond Part II, Grey Loft Gallery Oakland, CA Michelle Murillo, juror

2015 California Society of Printmakers Members Show, Grey Loft Gallery

2014 Members Show Sebastopol Center for the Arts

2014 8th Annual California Center: Printmaking 2014 Merced Art Center CA

2013 Members Show Sebastopol Center for the Arts

2013 Members Show Berkeley Art Center

2013 California Society of Printmakers Centennial Celebration, SF Center for the book

2013 Text, Language, and Numerals Sacramento State University Union Art Gallery

2013 Flower Power, Sebastopol Center for the Arts

2013 clay wood cloth, Dragonfly Farm Healdsburg CA

2012 Members Show, Sebastopol Center for the Arts

2012 Member of the California Society of Printmakers

2011 Art of the Line. Sebastopol Center for the Arts

2011 Artisano at John Ash, Santa Rosa, CA

2010 Members Show, Sebastopol Center for the Arts

2010 National 2010 Show, Sebastopol Center for the Arts

2009 Members Show, Sebastopol Center for the Arts

2009 Portraits, Sebastopol Center for the Arts

2010 – Present Clay Wood Cloth a biannual show sale & fund raise in Sonoma County

1980 – 1994 furniture finishing and restoration, furniture maker Auer-Jordan 1980 MA, Museum Science, John F. Kennedy University, Walnut Creek, CA

1975 BFA, California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA

Member of the California Society of Printmakers. I work in mixed media prints with an emphasis on mono types.



Artist Statement

I am inspired by surface details left by random acts of nature such as stains left by decayed plants on cement, rust marks left on metal and other objects that metal and water come in contact with plus lichen & fungus that live surfaces of other plants, trees and man-made objects such as wooden fences. People constantly battle rust and decay in order to preserve objects for a time to just eventually discard them for something new. Nature provides this remarkable ability to recycle and naturally dispose of organic materials such as metals, woods, and paper yet we persist in covering the organic with the inorganic then throw it away. I work within a limited palette that includes earth pigments, dirt, charcoal, rust, metal filings and graphite. This palette is particularly well suited to this series of work in that it is a physical embodiment of the themes I am exploring. A multi plate process including dry point are use in the creation of these prints.

Monotype is perfect vehicles for me to explore these themes through the use of line, surface form and texture by adding, removing and layering the images on paper. I use organic colors in my work such as dirt, graphite and earth pigments. I employ Xerox transfer, dry point, chin colle' and mixed media.


I have been working in mono-type & mixed media for over ten years and am a member of the California Society of Printmakers, San Francisco as well as a member & working print maker in Caren Catterall's 'Hot off the Press' studio between Sebastopol & Occidental in West County, Sonoma. Visit this web page to see where I work http://www.divine-inspiration-art.com/pages/studio.html

Holly Jordan PO box 1336, Healdsburg, CA 95448 707-321-0295 holly@hollyjordanfineart.com


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